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Mi-am mutat coada pe watchanimeon si am postat acolo prima mea lucrare in engleza, urmand sa scriu partea a doua in zilele de vacanta.Poate mai multe.Cine stie?
M-am apucat deja de partea a doua.
Let’s see!

Close Wires

Part 1 : She has no name

How could I forget all what happened?
How could I redo my life?
How could I cut these wires which kept us together?
And so the story begins…

She called countless times, but no one answered at the door. After several minutes, while she was staring at the dark–yellow tone of the wood, she realized that might be the last call she will make for him.

Her face was still petrified by the possibility of being left all alone, but it wasn’t just that. The tone of her face changed suddenly in a pale white like the paper or cherry blossoms and her eyes lost their light, like the ones of a dead woman. Deep black. The shock was quite powerful and she almost thought that her heart will be pierced without mercy.

She acknowledged in these moments that she was nothing more than a pet for him and he didn’t try feeling something else in exchange for her suffering during these years. The exchange wasn’t right from the very good start…
But what’s right in this life?

All these things brought more and more pain, more and more suffering, until she forgot about herself and her dreams.
Her dreams about being loved and in love, happy and smiling; the start of another life-all these have been ruined. She‘s lost and tainted now. And she has no name. Only a tattoo of shame on her soul, which will remind to her condition, as a mark.

She won’t hate him. It’s too late to grow such an amount of greed after an enormous one-sided love. It’s too late for everything.
“I will break in two parts, I see…” she said sadly…
A relationship which was broken once will be broken twice, thrice or…countless times.
“I know he’s at home, but why he’s not responding to me?”
“Maybe he doesn’t want me anymore?”
“Maybe I‘ve become useless to him?“

These were her thoughts while she waited…Deeply, in her chest, a colossal pain grew forcefully. A lot of tears were born in her eyes, ready to grow in a river of sorrow.
The tears filled her face and her glasses became misty-so she took them off quickly and wiped out the tears from her face. She put the black gloves she had in the right hand into the bag.

“How many times I entered that door?“
“How many times I came here?”, she asked herself, while the answer was yet missing.

A pair of doves-one with black and gray feathers and one white-were playing outside and chirping in the middle of the winter, near the window.
It seemed that their love broke off quickly in the cold of December. Seeing them, she felt a bit envious and she wanted to crush them quickly, despite the fact that she didn’t have the possibility because the window was too small and placed too high. The winter sun shone pale through the clouds and the coolness .


“That‘s the way I’ve felt when I was seeing a lot of couples , caring and lovable images, walking together and kissing , keeping their hands hold tight-and I was totally alone”. ““Loneliness is the worst thing I’ve faced out…I don’t want to feel it again!”
“ I’m alone here on the stairs and people are staring at me asking with their cold eyes :”What are you doing here?? “.
“- Nothing.”

” I don’t care about it anymore”, she said to herself.
“Maybe I shouldn’t be here…”
“ Maybe is time to say goodbye”.
The doves disappeared in the light of the cold sun, God knows where. But certainly, their love is prettier than the one of the humankind.

“I have to cut these wires which linked my heart and his, it doesn’t matter how I will do it.
I don’t belong anymore to this place “. Step by step, she walked on the stairs, and she left the block where she won’t return ever. Her eyes were still full of tears and pain.
“I’ve built another path .“

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