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I shall be Christina

“ From this day I wasn’t myself anymore. Something changed for ever in both my soul and heart, and I won’t return back at who I was once. The time passed, the event happened, the past can’t be changed.
This light scares me every morning, the snow is so brilliant and my bad eyes are suffering by redness.
I have already bad eyesight. I see in the mirror the effects of such great amount of tears and suffering, dark circles near my eyes, redness and the sensation that I see quite blurry. That’s not good. I didn’t slept well days in a row. And I don’t feel good, my thoughts and deceives blend so well in my mind that I don’t know what to do.
Not a good sign for an unknown freelancer graphic artist.
Unseen. ”
Tomorrow I have an official appointment with a Chief designer and a PR consultant from a revue. I will bring my portfolio and, who knows, maybe they would hire me.
Oh no, I’ve forgot to pay the utilities and the light…I see now, the flash bulb is joking with my eyes , in some seconds it will be cut, and my apartment hidden in darkness.
Not good.

The pen left a dark blue mark on the paper and her hand stopped suddenly. The pen remained solely on the desk, near the diary.
Maybe she should change it all, all her life. But I think her head is too deeply in clouds to improve her living right, and a healing sleep will be perfect for her. Here comes my duty.
I was always protecting her,since she was born.
She won’t be conscious while I’m taking her place, yet she will have time to analyze her feelings and to revive herself. I recognize she’s weak and is something that’s very annoying.

Somehow I was always bothered by her naivety and her bad habits in love and life. She gives too much. That annoys me to hell!
I’d like to punch her right in the face, but I will end just breaking the mirror and hurting this small hand. That’s a pity.
The problem is that, even she didn’t know, we both lived for 20 years in the same body…I know everything about her, but she does not know about me. We’re not twin sisters, but we’ve even higher bound by fate. I don’t know what brings the future.
I’ve always waiting behind her, a chance to wake from the long and dark sleep.
I’m her alter-ego. Now she will faint here near the mirror and we both will change the seats.
I finally will have the occasion to see the world! I will show them that we can become someone who rocks!!!
A young body was lying in the middle of a dark room, where the ultimate light came from an open window. Her dark hair melted into darkness, and the white dress she wore looked like a vase for misfortune. Her black eyes were still open, like they were looking for someone.
“I shall be Christina”.

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