INFP – „Questor”. High capacity for caring. Emotional face to the world. High sense of honor derived from internal values. 4.4% of total population.
 Ia uitati ce mi-a iesit mie…Recomand testul acesta , si cred ca adoratorii de quiz-uri il vor iubi. 48 de intrebari.
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I shall be Christina

“ From this day I wasn’t myself anymore. Something changed for ever in both my soul and heart, and I won’t return back at who I was once. The time passed, the event happened, the past can’t be changed.
This light scares me every morning, the snow is so brilliant and my bad eyes are suffering by redness.
I have already bad eyesight. I see in the mirror the effects of such great amount of tears and suffering, dark circles near my eyes, redness and the sensation that I see quite blurry. That’s not good. I didn’t slept well days in a row. And I don’t feel good, my thoughts and deceives blend so well in my mind that I don’t know what to do.
Not a good sign for an unknown freelancer graphic artist.
Unseen. ”
Tomorrow I have an official appointment with a Chief designer and a PR consultant from a revue. I will bring my portfolio and, who knows, maybe they would hire me.
Oh no, I’ve forgot to pay the utilities and the light…I see now, the flash bulb is joking with my eyes , in some seconds it will be cut, and my apartment hidden in darkness.
Not good.

The pen left a dark blue mark on the paper and her hand stopped suddenly. The pen remained solely on the desk, near the diary.
Maybe she should change it all, all her life. But I think her head is too deeply in clouds to improve her living right, and a healing sleep will be perfect for her. Here comes my duty.
I was always protecting her,since she was born.
She won’t be conscious while I’m taking her place, yet she will have time to analyze her feelings and to revive herself. I recognize she’s weak and is something that’s very annoying.

Somehow I was always bothered by her naivety and her bad habits in love and life. She gives too much. That annoys me to hell!
I’d like to punch her right in the face, but I will end just breaking the mirror and hurting this small hand. That’s a pity.
The problem is that, even she didn’t know, we both lived for 20 years in the same body…I know everything about her, but she does not know about me. We’re not twin sisters, but we’ve even higher bound by fate. I don’t know what brings the future.
I’ve always waiting behind her, a chance to wake from the long and dark sleep.
I’m her alter-ego. Now she will faint here near the mirror and we both will change the seats.
I finally will have the occasion to see the world! I will show them that we can become someone who rocks!!!
A young body was lying in the middle of a dark room, where the ultimate light came from an open window. Her dark hair melted into darkness, and the white dress she wore looked like a vase for misfortune. Her black eyes were still open, like they were looking for someone.
“I shall be Christina”.

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Mi-am mutat coada pe watchanimeon si am postat acolo prima mea lucrare in engleza, urmand sa scriu partea a doua in zilele de vacanta.Poate mai multe.Cine stie?
M-am apucat deja de partea a doua.
Let’s see!

Close Wires

Part 1 : She has no name

How could I forget all what happened?
How could I redo my life?
How could I cut these wires which kept us together?
And so the story begins…

She called countless times, but no one answered at the door. After several minutes, while she was staring at the dark–yellow tone of the wood, she realized that might be the last call she will make for him.

Her face was still petrified by the possibility of being left all alone, but it wasn’t just that. The tone of her face changed suddenly in a pale white like the paper or cherry blossoms and her eyes lost their light, like the ones of a dead woman. Deep black. The shock was quite powerful and she almost thought that her heart will be pierced without mercy.

She acknowledged in these moments that she was nothing more than a pet for him and he didn’t try feeling something else in exchange for her suffering during these years. The exchange wasn’t right from the very good start…
But what’s right in this life?

All these things brought more and more pain, more and more suffering, until she forgot about herself and her dreams.
Her dreams about being loved and in love, happy and smiling; the start of another life-all these have been ruined. She‘s lost and tainted now. And she has no name. Only a tattoo of shame on her soul, which will remind to her condition, as a mark.

She won’t hate him. It’s too late to grow such an amount of greed after an enormous one-sided love. It’s too late for everything.
“I will break in two parts, I see…” she said sadly…
A relationship which was broken once will be broken twice, thrice or…countless times.
“I know he’s at home, but why he’s not responding to me?”
“Maybe he doesn’t want me anymore?”
“Maybe I‘ve become useless to him?“

These were her thoughts while she waited…Deeply, in her chest, a colossal pain grew forcefully. A lot of tears were born in her eyes, ready to grow in a river of sorrow.
The tears filled her face and her glasses became misty-so she took them off quickly and wiped out the tears from her face. She put the black gloves she had in the right hand into the bag.

“How many times I entered that door?“
“How many times I came here?”, she asked herself, while the answer was yet missing.

A pair of doves-one with black and gray feathers and one white-were playing outside and chirping in the middle of the winter, near the window.
It seemed that their love broke off quickly in the cold of December. Seeing them, she felt a bit envious and she wanted to crush them quickly, despite the fact that she didn’t have the possibility because the window was too small and placed too high. The winter sun shone pale through the clouds and the coolness .


“That‘s the way I’ve felt when I was seeing a lot of couples , caring and lovable images, walking together and kissing , keeping their hands hold tight-and I was totally alone”. ““Loneliness is the worst thing I’ve faced out…I don’t want to feel it again!”
“ I’m alone here on the stairs and people are staring at me asking with their cold eyes :”What are you doing here?? “.
“- Nothing.”

” I don’t care about it anymore”, she said to herself.
“Maybe I shouldn’t be here…”
“ Maybe is time to say goodbye”.
The doves disappeared in the light of the cold sun, God knows where. But certainly, their love is prettier than the one of the humankind.

“I have to cut these wires which linked my heart and his, it doesn’t matter how I will do it.
I don’t belong anymore to this place “. Step by step, she walked on the stairs, and she left the block where she won’t return ever. Her eyes were still full of tears and pain.
“I’ve built another path .“

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Am sa postez un nou poem , poate ca mi-am iesit din mana , de vreme ce nu am mai scris atat de mult :p . De multa vreme nu am mai vazut interfata wordpress-ului. (Fuck you, DCD , netul de  la facultate e prost) Ascultam muzica si de-odata mi-a venit inspiratia…

Ploaie de lacrimi, ce-mi curgi pe obraji

in nestire si nesfarsire de timp

uda-ma pana la piele

dezleaga-ma si lasa-mi mainile si picioarele,

elibereaza-mi sufletul de orice patima,

dizolva-ma  pana la ultimul atom

Sau molecula.

Si apoi , te implor , fa sa devin o picatura de apa,

sa ajung intr-un rau si de acolo la mare,

de unde a tasnit prima farama de viata ,

sa ajung de unde-am plecat si la cine am fost,

ca s-o pot lua iarasi de la capat.



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O esarfa si sticla de murano in stil gustav klimt.

Ideea mi-a venit in timp ce visam,gandindu-ma la un accesoriu inedit , care sa scoata in evidenta o tinuta in nuante tomnatice. Si cum mie imi plac la nebunie esarfele si mai ales cele scurte , deoarece nu ocupa mult spatiu , pot fi intretinute usor si pot fi adaptate la orice stil , am gasit ca-i nimerit sa folosesc o esarfa de acest fel drept sevalet pentru niste margele din sticla de Murano in realizate in stilul Gustav klimt .

Esarfa ar trebui sa aiba aceleasi dimenstiuni precum cea din imagine Cat despre culoare , ar fi minunate nuantele de rosu si de negru (degrade). Poate sa aiba si un model anume , precum cea din imagine. Merge si simpla.

Oricum , margelele murano -klimt sunt foarte frumoase si ele sunt cele care dicteaza tonul culorii esarfei

Note  1 Intai legati esarfa pe gatul dumneavoastra asa

2 Observati cu grija cum se aseaza  ca sa puteti vizualiza mental cum se vor aseza margelele murano klimt.

3 . margelele vor fi cusute la baza gatului, la 1,5 cm de marul lui adam ( yep stiu ca nu e prea bine dezvoltat la femei)

4. E recomandat sa puneti 2-3 margele, nu mai mult, deoarece au un model complex si ar parea foarte incarcat accesoriul.

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5 must haves for fall 2010

Cinci lucruri pe care trebuie sa le-aveti in aceasta toamna in care blanurile, tricotajele si stilul clasic revin in atentia designerilor . Nu uitam nici de pantalonii evazati , care vin pe mai toate conformatiile si sad bine aproape oricui. Si mai bine daca sunt cu carouri . Ah, si gentile stil plic!

1. Un lac de unghii maroniu inchis mat ,in nuanta unei ciocolate  amarui , care va veni bine pe orice fel de unghie , ca e mica, ca e mare, patrata sau ovala  🙂 Ii va pune in evidenta forma si va albi mainile. Daca nu va va placea aceasat nuanta, puteti opta linistite pentru un rosu  inchis si misterios , in gen bordo , fara sclipici.

2. Un bolero tricotat de marime medie , cu manecile lungi. Ca asta . Daca nu va simtiti comod asa puteti alege unul tricotat . Negrul, maroniul si gri-ul sunt cele mai potrivite .

3. 2-3 perechi de pantaloni evazati in carouri , care stau bine pe majoritatea siluetelor si pe cele plinute le ajuta sa-si ascunda soldurile., par pe cele scunde sa para mai inalte. E important sa fie cu talie inalta.

4 .Un sapun din gama TRADITION DE HAMMAM , cu note orientale pe baza de masline. Va va incalzi sangele in zilele reci de toamna si va va revigora, iar parfumul sau este atat de relaxant. Textura sa este placuta atingerii.

5 . Si nu uitati de bijuterii. Culori pale si linistitoare. Care sa se potriveasca deopotriva si la nou si stilului vintage.  Potrivite pentru  toamna, perlele aduc melancolia si feminitatea:

That’s all jazz~!

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Vara a trecut de mult, iar racoarea noptii ne invaluie si ne face oasele sa tremure de frig noaptea , trandafirii tomnatici au inflorit , crizantemele isi afiseaza coloritul galben , facandu-le in ciuda craitelor. Pasarile au zburat spre tarile calde , insa insemnele verii nu au disparut. Sunt aici. in topul meu .

1. bluzele stil tunica.
Deci , este item-ul meu favorit al verii in ceea ce tine de garderoba . Si asta fiindca am o conformatie stil para, cu soldurile proeminente, iar sus mai deloc. Nu ma avantajeaza deci orice fel de bluza. Dincolo de aspectul estetic si anume ca imi ascunde soldurile , este si unul prasctic, ele pot fi combinate foarte usor cu colanti sau cu pantaloni albi, pantaloni 3/4
Imi plac asa mai transparente (evil thoughts). Ale mele nu sunt de aceeasi culoare ca cea din link, ci am una portocalie si una albatra , plus una de acum un an .
Sunt diferite marimi, dar eu le prefer pe cele care vin peste fund.

2. Sandale tip gladiator.
Toata vara s-a vorbit despre ele. Sunt de diferite forme, marimi si culori . Eu am cautat un model care sa nu ma stranga prea mult , sa-mi iase piciorul sa se miste si mai ales, sa aiba un accesoriu feminin.
Ale mele sunt negre , portiunile din piele sunt in jurul articulatiei piciorului cu tibia si peroneul si mai am la falange. In dreptul falangelor, au o mare si uriasa floare neagra de piele. Da, sunt negre si au un fermoar la spate precum cea din imagine

3 little White dress.
Il decretez ca fiind parfumul acestei veri. Are toate calitatile. Nu este la fel de tipator ca Incandessence, dar este la fel de cald si feminin. Ca un soare bland.
Note frumoase si se fixeaza bine in piele. Nici nu-l simti.
Zonele unde aroma sa se fixeaza cel mai bine sunt incheieturile mainilor si dupa urechiuse. Asta mi-as fi dorit sa avem vara asta. Dar uite ca in 2013 vom avea un soare galagios. Ce se mai aude cu exploziile solare puteti afla oriunde.

4. Lip gloss-urile se intind foarte usor pe buze si ies din contur vara , cand este foarte cald. Deci am ales Nivea shimmer pearly pentru ca imi da o nuanta roz , care nu se intinde.. Sigh , era 12 lei la Kaufland in Braila. Ce preturi pe amazon…!!! Eu l-am luat prin iunie.

Si numarul 5….!!!

Creionul de ochi. 🙂 Imi place sa-mi evidentiez ochii si mai ales zona unde genele mele sunt mai lungi 🙂 Da impresia ca ochii sunt mai alungiti si nu rotunzi cum ii am . Yves Rocher are unul dintre cele mai bune creioane khol. Cele de la avon  au prea multa substanta si sunt dure.

Pfft, imaginea de mai joc este cu rol de prezentare. Eu am incercat de la avon unul maro si mi-au cazut foarte multe gene. Mai ales alea din gama pt tineri sunt cam…prea .

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